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The first four positions on the AWMA Team to the FMBB this coming May in France:

Marina Shukh & L'Simba (AWMA Nationals finisher)
David Dembouski & Gustav (point system)
Ivan Balabanov & Qenny (point system)
Mike Morgan & Bacchus (AWMA Nationals finisher)

The remaining two plus alternate positions will be selected from:

Carrie Cole & Nico
Greg Doud & Flare
Paula Daigle & Falcon
Shane Garrehy & A'Ivan

My congrats to the handlers.....Although I won't be in France to personally cheer for them...I will be cheering from afar....I think this will be the year that a US team will take first place!

I do get to see Gred Doud and L'Flare Ot Vitosha in person and cheer them on at the SouthEast Regionals:)
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