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This is just a great video!

If that link doesn't work, go to here:
The video is the third on the page, titled EIK- PROTECTION 3

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That one was good, but his hit on Chris Carr at the '04 GSD SchH3 Nationals was better. ;)

Eik usually doesn't leave too many helpers standing on long bites. :twisted:
Is there a vid. of that on the site? I have dial-up so I can't look at all the vids... :roll:
For a second there I had Eik confused with "Eick von der Berger Hochburg" -- who was studded out to HouserHaus Shepherds by Mike Diehl -- I know someone getting a pup out of Eick from a Mike Diehl litter near the end of the year... too bad Eik isn't Eick :p But Eick is an impressive dog also from what I've seen.
This is a HouserHaus Eik.. sure the spelling might not be diff on the pedigree?
um... nevermind that last post... i've gone stupid today (day off) ](*,)
Sarah Hall said:
um... nevermind that last post... i've gone stupid today (day off) ](*,)
That's my favorite smiley, I love seeing it getting some good use :lol:
The dog in the video is Eik vom Nordenstamm, owned by Terry Macias of San Jose, California. Terry is the TD of their club. Eik is a very nice Asko von der Lutter son. Asko has produced quite a few dogs that have competed at high level in Schutzhund both in Europe and North America.

Edited to add:

Oh yeah, and Eik is a house dog!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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