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ASR Training July 15, 2006

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None of me, since my cousin didn't go with me lastnight, but here are the pictures & videos I was able to get before it got too dark. Wouldn't you know it, he carried the sleeve almost all the way to the car before he started thrashing and tripping me. :roll: :oops:

Again, click to view fullsize pics:

Our marshmallow man:

This is the lady with the Ambred bitch and doberman. The little shepherd she has in this video is the daughter of her bitch - the one that supposedly has been placing high in puppy shows. The larger, fluffier, male is the dog that she just bred her bitch to. Neither of these dogs have been here before, and I know the puppy has never been agitated before.
Click here to watch July1506-056
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Hey Kristen the CSRA folk are planning on coming up this weekend to do some training with y'all. Hope to see you soon. I think Jim said you guys where training on saturday this week. Anyway we are planning on showing you some ASR Events, and the level of presure you need to trin with to prepare your dogs.

See you this weekend.

Matt Hammond
Yeah, they actually changed from Sunday nights to Saturday nights to make it easier on everyone. I'm really looking forward to it, since I'd like to actually title Jak.
Yes Mam, we'll be there. If everyone comes that said they would we'll have to camp out. :D :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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