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i was thinking about this last week, but i'm not sure if it's something i can really take advantage of in training the articles. so, once again, give me your opinions.

when brix and i are playing catch/bring here in the house w/his ball, if it goes under something that he CANNOT get it out of (his snout/forelegs/head don't fit uner w/e), he'll first look at me, then stare at where the item is, look at me, stare, etc.
if i act dumb (NOT hard), ask him "where is it?", he'll look at w/e furniture item it's hiding under, then back at me, back at it, etc.
can i take advantage of this somehow? or is it just a cute stupid-human trick?

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I wouldn't try and tie any retrieving game to article indication. If you want this on a track then your platz had better be very solid platz.. Obviously that's taught totally separate from either the tracking or the articles. If the dog has a fast, reliable platz it's easy enough for you to train the dog that scent articles on the ground mean platz.
When you put the articles on the actual track, some put the food under the article. If not controlled quickly that can cause the dog to start pushing the article around.
Some prefer to put the food on top of the article. IF I used food with the article, I'd prefer to put it on top.
I prefer to have the down on the article solid before I put them on a track.
Lots of ways to do all this.
Easy to teach. Have articles laying around. As soon as the dog shows interest give a platz, then reward.
A retrieve is acceptable in Schutzhund but, IMO, that makes the dog have to redo 30ft (leash length) of the track once it brings the article.
You just have to decide which way works best for you and the dog.
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