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Anyone in the Phoenix area?

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Hi Michele

I was looking for folks in the Phoenix area who are doing protection work. Do you know any groups that are? Thanks.
Uschi Fuchs is in Phoenix area - she is Austrian, trains in Germany - was Malinois World Champion and competed 4X in Malinois world Championships. She is an outstanding trainer for Schutzhund, protection - and an excellent helper too! If you like I can find her contact information.

That would be great Molly.....I would appreciate that.
I have 3 e-mails for Ushi - if none work, then let me know I can make some calls to find her. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Thanks Molly. I have emailed her to all 3 addresses. I'm grateful for your help.
Are you looking for personal protection type stuff or protection sport. There are 2 Schutzhund clubs out here and hopefully a newly forming Mondio club. There are a couple people doing French Ring in Phoenix but no official club that I know of.

If you want to contact Uschi she has a number on her training site


Thanks for your help. I made contact with them and am looking forward to training with them soon....thanks to you all.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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