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Another vote against dogs for sale section...

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the main problem i see with that is you get people that only post when they want to peddle their stuff, be it dogs or equipment. there are a few of those on the various dog boards i've been a member of. i wouldn't have a problem with someone who posts regularly when they have something to sell because they contribute to the board instead of just peddling their stuff. maybe there should be a rank restriction on it or something if you can do that. like you have to have at least 50 posts before you can sell stuff. i don't know if this can be done.

i just get annoyed when someone drops by for the sole purpose of making money. that's not what the board is for....
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Good point Tim. Something like that might be possible... or I can make the forum "private" so only people with moderator permission can be added to a specific group that is allowed to list stuff in that section, that way not just any moron can come by and do it, but someone who has proven to contribute to the board can say "hey, I have this n this I'd like to sell".
I know quite a few people that do that (just join new boards so they can sell their dogs with some free advertisement). I like the breeders link thing because it just gives a basic list and lets people do their own research and decide who to look into more for themselves.

If you do decide to allow litters to be posted, this is what we did on the GSD Euro list...
--max of 2 litters per year advertised
--max of 2 postings offering young dogs/adults for sale per year
--all postings had to go through the moderators first
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