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Active Agresstion - Feedback Please

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I was doing my daily research and came across and article that touch upon the subject of Active Aggression. I had never heard of this term before so I read it closely.

Dominic Donavan describes active aggression \"being like water in that it can fuse into other drives.... Active aggression is... the main and most necessary ingredient for a high performance dog. You could almost get away with a dog who has active aggression and nothing else and still train around the lack of other drives. That would be a far more difficult thing to do with any other instinct. That is why the Malinois can be nervous but most will not run off a field when trained. You can see they are nervous in strange environments but once you tap into the active aggression and they start to bark and focus, it overrides the nervousness....\"
Since this is a new term / theory I am wondering what you all think of it? I am assuming it isn't well received amongst trainers since I haven't heard of it before today.

The full article can be read at
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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