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Achilles doing bitework at 9 mos old

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I just came across these cleaning off my memory stick. The dog is 9 months old in the pics, and they were taken from a very great distance by a guy who didn't know how to work my camera, so they're not wonderful. I just thought you all might like to see them. This is at the Grosslangheim Verein fur Deutsche Shaeferhund Schutzhund Platz in Germany (the town is a suburb of Kitzingen, which is a suburb of Wurzburg LOL). These are of the last bite he took at the club (and he hasn't been here yet due to too many reasons to list).

And for good measure here are the Bavarian Alps (taken on our last trip to Garmisch before leaving "home"). I lived about 2 hours from these most of my life:

I'm gonna go wallow in teh self misery of missing Germany now (and missing having a 9 month old puppy -- he's 13 months now)

ETA: sorry that 2nd pic is so darn tiny! I screwed up when I saved it apparently adn now I can't get it to enlarge w/o being fuzzy. It doesn't matter b/c these aren't that impressive anyway and it's sad b/c they are the only pics we have of the dog doing bitework...
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Very beautiful pictures!!
Hubby looks absolutely evil in that third pic, Stacia! LOL
Kristen Cabe said:
Hubby looks absolutely evil in that third pic, Stacia! LOL
It was FREEZING! This was January in Bavaria and the bitework was always at the end of the training session. They'd been out there about 3 hours when that was taken! That and the guy taking the picture was doing one of those, "MIIIICCCCHHHAEEEEEL looooooook heeeeerrreeeeee!" He was going, "Dude, what the heck do you want?" CLICK.

Of course Achilles NEVER minded being out there for 3 hours in teh snow. Meine schnee-phreak...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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