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A Question for the Techies

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Ok, so I may seem just TOTALLY stupid, but here's my problem:
My computer (Compaq Presari SR1950NX w/ Windows Media Center 2005) will not play my mini dvds! It has a dvd drive, and plays regular-sized dvds with no problem, however I consistantly have trouble playing mini dvds from my camcorder! I try to open the drive to see if it even detects the disk, but the drive folder remains blank.
Does anyone know if these small disks can even be played on a computer? Or do I have to purchase a special cord (USB or whatever) to be able to play it? Can I retrieve the files to upload to my computer?
Thanks for any help you can give me!
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susan tuck said:
As long as the subject has been raised, I'm asking my bf for a camcorder for my birthday. I need something easy to use, because I am electronically challenged. I don't want to get a high end one because I'm clumsy & tend to drop things. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am clumsy as well. Really clumsy. I've just started multiplying the actual price of any gadget by x2 or x3 to give me an idea of Total Cost of Ownership.

Here's Consumer Reports' top ten...

Canon Elura 85, Elura 80 $325 $465 MiniDV
Canon DC40 $770 DVD-R/RW
Hitachi Ultravision DZGX20A $570 DVD-RAM, DVD-R
Panasonic VDR-M75 $600 DVD-RAM, DVD-R
Canon ZR200 ZR300 $310 $315 MiniDV
Sony DCR-HC90 $630 MiniDV
Canon Optura 50 $445 MiniDV
Hitachi UltraVision DZGX3200A $585 DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
Sony DCR-HC96 $640 MiniDV

I don't have any of these, I don't think...some old Sony (3 years! Ancient!) which is still quite nice but I never use it. It has a touch screen, those are quite swell.

My humble opinion is that Canon makes about the most usable and robust products around. Sony stuff is always cool but always a bit Japanese in complexity...Canon dumbs it down for the Americans, just as God willed it.

I'd check out the Elura line if I wuz you, Greater Tuna.
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