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A very timely post, Reinier. But I do believe training of such nature does not only apply for would-be police dogs, but for all working dogs in general. Obedience in and along every facet of work (agility, tracking and defense) is introduced early on as part of Puppy foundation. That actually equates to introduction of increasing stresses present in any nature of work, as real as real should be. Natural skills are indeed brought out through introduction of varying scenarios (not routines) but these skills need to be tested and retested everytime in increasing stresses while at the work under varying circumstances and conditions. Fear, if present, must be addressed head-on by a skilled handler who must work his dog thru it. To learn to work thru it is the only way to overcome it. Only then can stress become a character-builder and a training aid second to none.

All these to ensure better chances of a pup getting ready for any future work it may fit in as its abilities --- brought out and honed by proper training --- dictates.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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