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A contradiction in terms

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This is Ursa! Not the same pup I got a week ago. He had to many nerve issues. My TD and I agreed they could be worked through but it wasn't something I cared to do. That's not my idea of a good starting point for any dog. JMHO!
This little gal fits all of the descriptions of Maligator, GSD on crack, etc.
This is a litter mate to the first but no one told her.
While he would shy away from a car that went down the street :x , she seems to think she could catch one :D .
Hopefully I'll get some of the family background in the next day or so.
Either way, she's a keeper! :wink:
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She looks great! You caught her with the switch "off" for a second! :D

She does look like a GSD, doesn't she?
That foxy little face is the giveaway! :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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