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4 Hours

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I understand the defacto standard for training a detecion dog is 4 hour per week, at least from Terry Fleck info.

How do you quantify this time in your training logs, i.e., what training activities "count" towards this time? Is it 4 hours of actual nose-time a week - for example, I may be at a training session for 2 hours and of that time my dog may get 30 minutes of actual scentwork -

Thanks, this is for cadaver dog but I know several who *have* wound up in court and want to be well prepared with my logs.
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We count time from the beginning of the training session to the end. That includes the time it takes to plant the targets, work all the dogs pick up and replant etc. Our training is 8 hour every two weeks, 16 hours monthly. Realistically, no one is going to get 8 hours of "nose" time during the training session. In my experience in court, it's not the amount of time spent, but how that time is spent. Ie, types of targets, placement, size, location, and of course the all important documentation. The training records need not be complicated. Good training records, in my opinion, need to show searches where nothing is hidden and no response, where targets are hidden and the dog gave the proper response. You should be able to determine a training proficiency based on these records for both positive responses, misses (if any) and false response, (if any). I have a saying that I challenge all my handlers with: "You will never know how good your dog is, until you find out what he can not do." Meaning, if all your training sessions are 100%, all the time you've not challenged that dog and found out what he can't do.

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