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  1. Diet & Health
    Hello, I am a student at the Royal Veterinary College and owner of a Labrador Retriever. I am currently undertaking a research project as part of my dissertation looking into the awareness of Labrador Retriever owners of their health predispositions. Below is the link to my questionnaire- it...
  2. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    Pepe BRN 39106 and Jack BRN 31737 litter 10 pups (5male/5female) Both Pepe and Jack are Kuno’s son and daughter from different mother lines. We expect strong, social, high drive dogs for any type of work or sport. Kuno bloodlines are known for it’s quality work in police and military teams. 5...
  3. General Working Dog Discussion
    Hi, I am planning to own a Boxer. I have just searched and found a top dogs list. But I decided to go for Boxer. I think these are the good working dogs. But what you think about the other dogs in the list? Let me know if any of the other dog in the list can be a good working dog. What you think...
1-3 of 3 Results