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  1. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    8 weeks old, 3 males and 3 females still available. Both parents from working lines, sire is KC registered and from a champion Spanish bloodline. Microchipped and had first vaccines, treated for worms and fleas. Based in Scotland, UK. Puppies £1000 each, please get in touch with any questions.
  2. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    Beautiful Female Pup.Born April 20, 2021. Knows basic commands,crate trained, Rides well in car. Loves water. Nice even temperament, high food drive, lower ball drive. That could change when she knows she will be getting the ball instead of never getting one as others are faster. She is a bit...
  3. Raising A Working Puppy
    I don't know if this is the right section to post this as I just made the account I got a 3 week and 3 days old male Malinois puppy and the mother didn't wanted to feed her puppies anymore , I bought cow milk but a friend of mine says to mix it with water or it can die , idk what type of milk...
  4. General Working Dog Discussion
    Hi, I have a 10 month old working line Malinois who I am training for IGP. He is a great dog, sociable, friendly, great drive, easy to train. However my biggest daily grind with him is that he whines a lot. I am very experienced with dogs but I have not been able to sort this issue and was...
  5. General Working Dog Discussion
    Hey guys, in about 6 month to a year, I’d like to buy a new dog / puppy. It’s going to be either a Malinois or X-Herder (Malinois mixed with Dutch Shepherd). It’s going to be my third dog. The main reason for this dog is, because I want to use the dog as a protection dog. First of all to...
1-5 of 5 Results