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  1. General Working Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone! I am working on my DT GCSE based on pet care and it would be much appreciated if you could answer some questions I created. It would really help me to understand the problems each dog faces daily and build a design that will help them. The survey asks for no names so it is all...
  2. Breeding
    The dog has grown up, but his stomach is not very good, I fear bananas will hurt him.
  3. Dog News
    Undoubtedly, dogs and cats are the most popular pets that are loving and are perfect companions to live with. When it comes to choosing one among both pets, it’s quite a difficult task. Both are known for their intelligence, independence, and loyalty. Dogs and cats are furry friends, and both...
  4. Dog News
    I've had a lot of trouble training my dog. The hardest part is playing into a dog's empathy. Getting to know a dog's instincts is the key to success. I learned this through the e-book below. This e-book will show you how to train any dog, irrespective of age, breed, or past experiences, very...
  5. General Working Dog Discussion
    Hi, I am planning to own a Boxer. I have just searched and found a top dogs list. But I decided to go for Boxer. I think these are the good working dogs. But what you think about the other dogs in the list? Let me know if any of the other dog in the list can be a good working dog. What you think...
  6. General Working Dog Discussion
    Hi, which working dog is good for me? Previously I own a Bernese Mountain dog. But now I am planning to own a Bulldog, especially their new variation, Merle French bulldog. Let me know your thoughts about this special breed. You can also recommend any other breed, please also tell me why you...
1-6 of 6 Results