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  1. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    Contact us today to find the right dog for your needs If you're looking for the driver you've always wanted in a talented little K9, the social strong puppy Malinoiss with sub-basic acting training delivers worldwide from our location in Europe to find out which dog breed might be right for you...
    $1 USD
  2. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    Please see our website for videos, pictures, and lots of details about how we work with our dogs and puppies daily. These are very well taken care of, socialized and prepared puppies.
    $2,000 USD
  3. Newbie (Beginner) Discussion
    I'm not completely new to working dogs, but this is a first for me. I have a 1.5 year old intact male Malinois, knpv lines. I'm having issues with his behavior around other dominant male dogs. Recently it escalated into him charging another dog just upon sighting him and starting a spat. My dog...
  4. Photo Threads
    For anyone interested in watching the journey of my working pup Wrath, from birth to trials, feel free to add @a_mans_wrath on instagram. Full insight into training from start to finish with a small team of handlers!
  5. Breeding
    I have a 4yr old dutchie x Mal. I was told he has a BRN but it was a private breeding due to them breeders not want anything tied back to them. My dogs birthday is 2/13/18. I know he’s from Rotterdam, Holland area. Does anyone know names of breeders there so I could maybe narrow it down?? This...
  6. Personal Protection Dogs
    FOR SALE Goro of Royal Firefox "Sony" is well socialized with people (men, women, children, seniors) and gets along with bitches. Sony has the breeding license, character test, perfect x-rays and a DNS card. He is a Hungarian Junior Champion. He is suitable as a person / family protection dog...
  7. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    8 weeks old, 3 males and 3 females still available. Both parents from working lines, sire is KC registered and from a champion Spanish bloodline. Microchipped and had first vaccines, treated for worms and fleas. Based in Scotland, UK. Puppies £1000 each, please get in touch with any questions.
  8. Puppies & Litter Anouncements
    Pepe BRN 39106 and Jack BRN 31737 litter 10 pups (5male/5female) Both Pepe and Jack are Kuno’s son and daughter from different mother lines. We expect strong, social, high drive dogs for any type of work or sport. Kuno bloodlines are known for it’s quality work in police and military teams. 5...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi from Australia. I am new to the forum. Currently have Black Russian Terrier but planing to get GSD or Mal from IGP working lines. I was wondering if someone could describe and compare average litter from IGP3 localy titled parents for each breed. Hypotheticaly speaking. I would imagine...
  10. Diet & Health
    I have put a deposit down on a 3 week old belgian malinois. Recently, the breeder had informed me that he had the puppies dew claws removed at around 3 days old. I am familiar with the breed, but I have never had a dog without dew claws nor have i noticed. I’ve read that this may or may not...
1-10 of 10 Results