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Why Treats are Beneficial to Your Dogs Health and Well-Being
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Why Treats are Beneficial to Your Dogs Health and Well-Being

The right treat can motivate while supporting your dogs health and well-being. Know what type of treat will help nourish and nurture your pooch.

Treats are more than spoiling our dogs; its about reinforcing good behavior, giving your pooch a little something special for a job well done and offering him a taste and texture hes not used to. You want to give him a treat thats good for him, and because treats should make up less than 10 percent of a pets diet, you need to choose wisely. With so many brands and types of treats out there to choose from, its difficult to know where to start. Heres a guide to choosing the perfect treats to promote your dogs overall well-being.

Reward Positive Behavior: When used correctly, treats are a highly effective way to promote and reward positive behavior. Because a dogs sense of smell is so keen, a treat will engage your dog both mentally and physically. When using treats for training, you need to keep calm so your dog keeps calm a fabulous smelling treat is exciting and will divert his attention.

Positive reinforcement helps your dog focus on the cue given, and takes patience by both the pet parent and pooch in order to be effective. By working together and establishing a consistent training routine with your dog, treats and praise will help reinforce favorable behavior.

Dental Health: Just like us, dogs can suffer from dental problems. Tartar, plaque buildup, gum disease, and bad breath are the most common canine dental issues. Dental dog treats are designed to support teeth and gum health and can be a great addition to your dogs dental health routine. Active chewers can have less plaque build-up; dental dog treats are made with unique textures that get them to chew in different ways that can help combat tartar and promote gum health. By working with your veterinarian, youll be able to establish a healthy and positive dental health routine that includes dental treats.

Busy Chewers: Looking to soothe doggy boredom? Chews will do the trick! Chews such as bones, antlers, rawhide, and bully sticks keep your dog occupied and out of trouble by keeping them chewing. Another bonus: these types of treats encourage healthy chewing habits, keeping your pooch away from your favorite pair of shoes because hes more interested in a chew!

Healthy Supplements: Some treats do more than just taste great they also contain supplements that may do your dogs body a lot of good. If you want to promote healthy joints, look for treats that contain glucosamine and chondroitin. Dry skin and coats may benefit with a treat that includes Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Some treats contain a natural lavender scent that can help promote a calm attitude and soothe anxiety.

Gluten and Grain Free: If you live in a gluten- or grain-free household, there are treats that will be welcome in your pantry. For pet parents, gluten- and grain-free dog treats can be a lifestyle decision or because of a human family members allergy. Going with a gluten- and grain-free dog treat is an appealing choice for any pet parent whos concerned with food sensitivities in both humans and dogs.

No matter what type of treat youre looking for, Petco carries it. Visit Petcos Dog Treats & Chews section for awesome treats at a great price, and let your dog know how much you love him!
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