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What do you think about this comment?
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Bob Scott said "..... That admirable trait is a "fault" with anyone trying to do any sort of competitive obedience with most ANY hound..... "

So, for trailing, I don't like putting alot of hard obedience on my dogs.. Come, sit stay, yes, but it doesn't have to be perfect like IPO etc... Why? Independent thought.. I want that hunt/prey drive raging, and not the ingrained by human manipulation second thought, when on a trail...

So, my wonderings are, are some of the drives being cutoff by the strict adherence of obedience indoctrination (and believe me, I am not against great obedience, this is just a question for those questioning Max's, Dutchie"s, Beagles GSD's, etc drives) at critical juncture, or because they are handler sensitive?

I just watched a bunch of Dutchie"s and Mal's (and GSD's) working at an IPWDA workshop... Intensity, drive, focus, hunt/prey for narcotics, HR, or a live find was absolutely there... This was a SAR conference, so no police dogs (well one, a lab for narcotics) specifically, so the focus was not obedience or bite work but on the specific discipline they were trained in... Hard to say hunt or prey drive was lacking, imo... Just thoughts
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Re: What do you think about this comment?

I view handler sensitivity being more of an issue as to loosing drives, etc.

At the same time I also believe marker training was a HUGE factor FOR ME in keeping a dogs drive.

The most titled AND just plane good dog at anything he ever did was marker trained.

When I was still pretty much in my "Kohler" (heavy handed) period of training I took a Kerry Blue Terrier to a National level in AKC obedience and still did rat and critter hunting of all sorts and never saw any lack of drive.

My present GSD is very handler soft and FOR ME that's a struggle but he's still a happily responsive dog in his obedience and being an overall good dog.

40 -50 yrs ago I would have crushed this dog.

I've only hand one other really soft dog.

She was an excellent, obedient truck dog but I never tried to work her in anything remotely formal.

She was also the fastest dog I've ever owned and could catch rabbits like they were moving backwards.

At the same time If I yelled at her when she was after a bunny she would immediately flatten herself to the ground.

That was my issue though so in addition to "soft dog" I would add trainer temperament more so then actual methods...if done fairly.
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