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Mal is afraid to heel
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Re: Mal is afraid to heel

Rick they serve as symbolic mood/tone inferences and at times in place of humor. The one Bob used follows a few purposes.

1. I agree and ain't saying nothing.
2. A tone of mischief as I told you so, or this is amusing "watch what happens next."
3. If you can't say anything good, then don't say anything at all.
4. Calling people on their bullshit or in response to something stated that is obvious. Like if the shoe fits…

There's a few others but I just put up the post about the missing F/V and men presumably lost at sea or departed. I'm bushed and am going to crash.
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Re: Mal is afraid to heel

I havn't read all the posts but it sounds like you have a bonding issue. Sort that out first. Play engagement games etc.
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