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Gotta question
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Re: Gotta question

Originally Posted by rick smith View Post
re : "I dont use a muzzle because of the social impact they have"
- roger that; now i got it

don't have that kinda problem over here in public, but when i work on the Navy base i do get an occasional question about why i'm taking a 'dangerous dog' out in public and i'll give em a joking answer like "so he can show me who he'd like to bite"
- but usually people just tend to "make a hole", slide away and give you space and act like they don't see the dog
- if they do start to fixate i'll make the dog sit up and look cute and that will take the edge off
- sometimes we'll start a training chat and that's good for the dog too

actually there is no word in Japanese that means muzzle. a collar is "wa" and neck is "kubi" so a dog collar is a kubi-wa. mouth is "kuchi" so a muzzle is simply a "mouth collar" ....kuchi-wa

japanese lesson for the day
Im already digging the japanese culture more and more hahah
"A pedigree says what a dog should be
Conformation says what a dog appears to be
Performance says what a dog truly is"
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