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dog and human bonding
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Re: dog and human bonding


I guess when the OP says they are done with their own thread, I don't see any reason why posters would need to stop just because the OP has moved on. If folks want to still discuss stuff there is no reason not to continue.
-You can lead a human to knowledge but you can't make it think.
-Some people's minds are like concrete. All mixed up & permanently set.
-Sometimes your knight in shining armour is just a retard in tin foil.
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Re: dog and human bonding

Originally Posted by rick smith View Post

- but since you chose to us training words, ill go with that flow
- your comment is a good example of opposition reflex. my leash pressure was not clear to you and you reacted negatively because we have NO bond //rotflmao//

re : "I suppose if he did, it'd read like this (insert Church Lady face emoji):
..i read that response and NOPE; your wrong Nicole and no clue what your church lady reference means

thread IS a wrap for me
Rickish, to the first part, that's only amusing when I do it to you. You don't have the sense of humor, nor capacity for intelligent execution to claim it as your own. The brick wall bang suits you better.

As far as the Church Lady reference, of course you wouldn't know what that means. That was kind of the point of using that reference. And now, for the end... just as the Church Lady does, you do your typical lead up into a your version of bizarre mental dance of sorts.

Nice leadership.

Loosen up man!

And don't be pissed because you took my lure again. I was bored just wanted to see if you'd spaz out and well... you did. Try not to be so transparent, getting along with others really isn't or shouldn't be that difficult. If you want serious and meaningful interface then choose to deal with people in the flesh if you don't like dealing with the range of personalities that you find here.
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