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Does this seem right?
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Re: Does this seem right?

A good dog is where you find it. My experience has been it can be the lesser known breeder, the one who breeds for himself first, that tends to be the best kind of people to get dogs from.
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Re: Does this seem right?

Originally Posted by Matt Vandart View Post
Dirt's better for puppies, concrete can cause the pups to have flat feet.

Some of my best dogs cost less than 300 and are/were unregisterd, Indie is unregistered and was 150 he's awesome. Alis was 300 unregistered and is now a police dog. Registration is BS and just money making scheme IMO.

I agree 100% Matt. Unfortunately to many want those "papered" dogs.

The JRTCA will not register whole litters.

Only individual pups that have been cleared by a vet from having any known genetic issues will be registered.

They still work for a truly functional dog.

I never bothered to register my JRT simply because I don't even use papers UNDER my dogs to house break them.

He was one helluva dog in the ground though.
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Re: Does this seem right?

The doberman people went mental on me when I said I had lost her registration papers AHHAHAHAHAHA
I said I was interested in the dog not the papers as I wasn't gonna breed from her and they got very upset, lol

Edit: I shouldn't say "the" Doberman people, I mean the crazies in dobermans, which is alot of them by the way.
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