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Re: Tplo

I know I may be chiming in a little late (so if you have already had surgery you can disregard).
My first GSD tore his acl at 1 1/2 yrs and it was a total not partial rip. He had the TPLO, and yes it was expensive( $2k is still better than your quote ) , and the recovery was long and rough trying to keep a young, high drive dog still- but it was 100% worth every penny and he never had any issues for the next 12 years until he passed.

Second acl injury on a different dog was only a partial tear, so surgery wasn't absolutely necessary and through physical therapy you can build up enough scar tissue in the stifle to support the joint. That and starting him on hyaluronic acid has kept him moving just fine with no further damage or problems with that knee.

Good luck and hope your dog heals up soon.
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