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Raw Diets - (Beginner's) Questions / Discussion
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Re: Raw Diets - (Beginner's) Questions / Discussion

Matt Thanks for the calculator :P ... I still prefer to just punch in
(Dog weight) x (# Percentage converted in decimal form)..... I guess all the NO Calculator stuff in school has finally rubbed off on me haha.

Thanks BOB, I really like Leerburg - he has a LOT of Great Stuff. I like how he sells products, but also gives a Wealth of Free information on his site to! I don't always agree with his methods 100% (I find he still strays back to his old-school training methods from time to time, but for the most part I like him!).

Hmm Nicole, thats a really good point - Variations day to day variations are acceptable as long as over-time you are feeding a well balanced diet. Yes, I think 4% might be a little high, 2-3% does sound better. (I will see what my breeder recommends and may just follow that, his dogs look like they're doing well!)

By Prey-Model-Type do you mean the breakdown of Meat to Organ to Bone Ratios? (If so, I was thinking; Meat 80 - Organ 10 - Bone 10)

I have been reading about the differences between Prey-Model-Diets Vs. BARF-Diets, and I'm not completely sure which I would prefer (or my dog would prefer).... it may just come down to experimenting, but again, I will see what the breeder is doing and use that as a guideline.
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Re: Raw Diets - (Beginner's) Questions / Discussion

Yes, that is what I meant but more literally so.

I've seen the evidence of large game wolf kills and I know by what remains that the % are fair guides but not realistic in terms of what occurs in nature.

My neighbors dog lived to be 19 on feed sack food. Sometimes raw makes a difference on life expectancy, sometimes it doesn't. Special needs dogs appear to better benefit more for more finely tuned diets than others. In fact, those with chronic conditions can be majorly impacted by an improved quality of life. Also, I've noticed that when feeding more than one dog the same raw diet, one did better than the other on it.

Raw feeding makes sense and balance over time is the key to success; that includes lifestyle and environmental considerations as well. Analyzing what is fed to the nth degree sometimes is worth it and sometimes it's just something to talk about on social media. My experience has been that a sensible, yet balanced approach trumps excessive criticality in the end.
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Until recently I had a deal with a local butcher shop who supplied raw for my pup. I fed 80/10/10, which sounds technical but really I just did weekly meal preps. I weighed everything out and would package into freezer bags for the week.. But it varied depending on what I got from my butcher. Some days he had a chicken quarter in AM, then PM would be ground turkey/chicken and liver. Other weeks we got rabbit/goat/beef/venison.. It varied depending on what we could get, but our main staple due to availability is beef/chicken.
3x a day when my boy was a puppy and then 2x a day.
I add in raw egg, whatever my butcher has at the time.. Never had a problem with raw, but I know certain dogs digest certain protein sources differently.. Best to try out one protein for a week or so and see how your pup handles it. For example, I got a hold of raw wild boar and my dog didn't handle it so well, so I gave it to a friend and her dog did just fine!
Best is to call butcher shops and ask for scraps.. Heart, tripe, bones, etc.. Hope this helps
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