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Personal attachment in PPDs
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Re: Personal attachment in PPDs

I had a dog, that i rescued as a 1yr pup, having spent its first year, in a car breakers yard on chain as an alarm dog/and at night off chain in secure yard, as protection of the business.
Very unhealthy pup. Very reactive to humans and everything else! Came good in 3 months with us.
(us being me, owner/handler and more importantly, 2 other dogs that were stronger, fitter, and higher in my pack order than new dog).

Rehomed him to a nice bloke, he was firstly not impressed, then neutral to the bloke initially, but then formed a bond with him, over several visits, Then rehomed to bloke once i was confident bloke could handle him. he could be stubborn and wilfull and very strong. Thankfully slower than any GSD or rottie, and easy to read also.

Fast forward 3yrs. And the now adult dog, had taken over this blokes home, and alpha role. Dog was bullying the owner, intimidating everyone, taking possession of the sofa, and generally being a pain in the ass and dangerous. so he was returning him to me. I saw his car coming, and the dog was loose in back seat/front seat/tyring to get out of the window at me. Bloke clipped lead on, and the dog dragged him to me. No control, no bond evident with the owner during the drop off visit. I took the leash, as there was another dog coming along pavement, and the dog was out of control and dog reactive unless handled correctly. The dog went off, as the other approached, so corrected and told to DROP! which he did and shut up.
the dog immediately settled down, the minute the leash changed hands. He just behaved as if id lent him to the bloke for the afternoon, not 3yrs. Even took his old spot on my deck up instantly.

Bloke was amazed, totally different to me than he. And as we sat drinking our coffee, dog's head in my lap, as it always used to be when i was sat down. He ignored his owner entirely. Never apparently had the dog done that to him. In 3yrs, he'd never done this. To him, or his wife who was scared of the dog.
This was a 65kg French Mastiff. A breed known for loyalty to one person. so perhaps a different breed /different bonding effect?

So what im saying, is i wonder if certain breeds, known for loyalty to one person, and mastiff is a good example, perhaps attach more?

This particular dog, when working with my behaviorist, would just lay down if they took the leash. and look in other way. Ignore everything except force, which is was quite happy to match you on, and win if not managed with equipment.
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Re: Personal attachment in PPDs

Originally Posted by Matt Vandart View Post
I don't think Rick is being Nasty intentionally, i think he is just being Rick. I don't think Rick is nasty.

Also, wonder what happened to Michael Murphy and his HAAAADKOWAH!! pup.

To the OP are you getting a dog to train in PP? that would be cool
Oh yeah. That dude. Anybody know? Dog eat him?
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Re: Personal attachment in PPDs

Originally Posted by Brian McQuain View Post
Oh yeah. That dude. Anybody know? Dog eat him?

With a bit of luck!
The words of a fool offend only another fool!
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Re: Personal attachment in PPDs

Disclaimer: due to the current ridiculously draconian laws in the uk re: dogs, all of the above is a complete fabrication and I am lying to make friends.[/QUOTE]

is this above statement because you fear reprisal from certain government entities? i mean, you have a girlfriend and a house full of dogs--how many other friends does a person need?

i've yet to formally train a dog in PP but i have owned two different dogs with the intention of having them keep me safe and both certainly made a show of seeking to do exactly that. my long-deceased APBT was mostly busy crittering during the day, unless she saw something she didn't approve of and then she got very close to me and put a stare and a low growl out at whatever/whomever the suspicious party was until we were around two blocks away. had a very creepy pervert experience walking her in a park on a trail that ran near the road--fellas, women you don't know do not want to suddenly see your penis. truly. unless that is their line of work, it will just freak them out-- i was the idiot who believed he really did need directions, which got me close enough to his driver's side window to see that what he really needed was to be arrested, and right as i gasped and moved to back away, up popped my dog. she was just barking and digging at the glass but it got his vehicle to tear out of there instantly.
she also kept vigil when we'd do punk rock camp outs and i'd pass out on a blanket by the sixth band...much better security system than the boyfriend had been.
she was on me like an extra coat whenever we went out at night and i took her everywhere i went because i felt safe with her around. i was more mess than human back then and i'm sure she could feel my weakness and chemical irregularities and felt she had to take control of the situation because no one else was, or whatever real reason is behind it, but that dog took good care of me and nobody ever taught her that she ought to, she just did.
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Re: Personal attachment in PPDs

Ditto with my lot here.

Rick mentioned he thinks a good P.P is a very different dog to a sporting or security dog and I agree.

No incidents where I can say unreservedly the any of mine have saved the day- But plenty where they were acting to do that. Who know if things would have been different had the dogs not been there.

People aren't so inclined to push it when they get sat on their asses for making moves that could be interpreted as aggressive.
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