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1 Year PPD Training Update
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Re: 1 Year PPD Training Update

Originally Posted by Chris Viscovich View Post
I will address this with our SAR training leads. I am relatively new to the team, but have seen no evidence of this type of testing in the SAR environment. We do conduct this drill quite a bit during protection training, both with and without equipment, but always on lead, which is not the case for the SAR work.

Great discussion points, thanks all.
It isn't done but I feel that it should be. Also the person just waves the branch around and I really don't want them to hit on the dog although sometimes a light glancing contact is made due to the speed of the dog coming in (they plow right through the branch) to the victim.
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Re: 1 Year PPD Training Update

Originally Posted by rick smith View Post
don't want to drift too far off

i realize aggression can be judged "in the eye of the beholder" and interpreted differently

Agree 100% Rick! As you know there are dogs that have natural aggression and "aggression" as taught through sport.

I think this could be a big factor in how a dog reacts in a SAR situation.

HR/cadaver/boat work/article search vs live find could also be a huge factor in selecting which direction to go in the decision with any dog worked in both SAR and bite work.
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