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Tracking Progression
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Re: Tracking Progression

Originally Posted by Nicole Stark View Post
LOL something like that.

Speaking of special I have a .500 SW Alaskan Backpacker. Now that's something just a little bit special. It'll knock the sense out of you if you aren't paying attention.
That's a serious fire stick. Then again, you got serious critters up there. You need big medicine for them thar bars.
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Think it's the moose (and mosquitoes) I would be more mindful of... Not that I'm saying I would be cozy running up on a bear either, but moose are mean buggers
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Re: Tracking Progression

Moose thankfully stop short, same as bear. And… sometimes they don't.

It takes a different constitution to make it through shit like that. And shit, really is the right word. I carried in the bush before, off and on depending upon what my gut said. That all changed last summer with that rogue moose. I believe she had a calf that was injured by a brown bear but it eventually died.

I don't know if it was time or the curiosity of the Mastiff, but the cow was a bit out of her mind for a while, charging anyone who might pass by her area. After it was done, all I recall was the stabbing and pounding of her hoofs in that charge or well, the sheer closeness of it to my dear dog, to piss me off. And so I have remained.

I haven't looked at the environment the same since. On that day, I see my dog dart off the trail to check something out only to see a massive mound of brown rise to my left. Then upright, I could feel it, I saw the dog running, and those ears/hoofs barred with intent, mere feet away from her.

I rose, with the same intent. It was odd. I found myself roaring and not like city folk might read the word but as in I dredge up everything primal in me and redirect the moose toward me for my dog. I will die for you. I would have, she saw that and turned on me. I stood unarmed and she stopped.

Someone once said these experiences I have had with this Mastiff are...

Different and personal…they are.

Today, I left the house with the Mastiff to explore. I saw Mallards and Gulls. Then I rounded the bend with the dog to a place I haven't been before. What? An otter? Where did it come from? Does it have a companion? Who knows, only the otter does. But yes it was there alone, living it seems, with a pair of Mallards. I look overhead and see an Eagle, then the calling of Gulls in between the Eagle calls.

I like this life of random awesomeness. It's kinda cool. Yet, I am more vigilant now. Less for myself than I am for the dog (the Mastiff who follows herself, the Dutch follows me). As to the former I don't know why that is, it just is.

Tracking progression is what led me here, this dog and what I have witnessed through her is what keeps me interested in these threads. I enjoy them all. I suspect I might feel so long after this dog leaves me.
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