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Introducing Articles
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Re: Introducing Articles

I trained my older GSD in SAR work first and when I moved to Schutzhund it was a PIA to get him to keep his nose down and not cut corners.

In training he went as far as scenting an article on another track that was up wind and he happily ran over to the other track and alerted on the article.

90 degree corners also sucked.

Nothing like a good dog doing scent work.

I think it was David Frost that said real world scent work was the best fun he could have and still keep his pants on.

I would agree with that.
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Re: Introducing Articles

Ive just started with articles, for tracking and their indication. in IPO
Indicate criteria: dog lays down, square, with article between its paws.
I trained the indication behaviour off track:
then proofed it around the home.
Then took it outside onto grass.
Then onto track this week for first time. He did 2 scent articles correctly indicating each, and recommencing the track nicely. Im really happy with result, he looks like he's always done this, and its no biggie!
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