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Food vs article driven track method
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Re: Food vs article driven track method

Originally Posted by Nick Hrycaj View Post
Baby steps on the finding small articles -

Are most people using metal? nails, washers, etc.

Do you verbally mark the article as the dog passes over it then reward the nose to article then eventually tie to it the final response of a down as you might for narcotics?

What about when the dog does not quite get it and is just offering behaviors? Do you verbally correct or redirect or just wait them out like a false indication in dope work?
I teach articles in three stages....

1) Nose touch, mark, toy the dog
2) Then I transfer the article to the ground where we repeat #1
3) Then I throw the down into it which the dog already knows and toy the dog.

If you want to take the article onto the track at this point.... go ahead.
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