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Training with food Video
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Re: Training with food Video

Brian nice upload, I like Arko's Focus! Do you just put small portion sizes into the bowl each time, so he have eat what you put then "break" (take a second to go back and sit down) before you Reload it again? you eventually shape this into give him his whole meal, and just Verbally ask him to "break" or "sit" for periodic pauses and attention?

Ps. Brian I may have to call you out on that offer (of making videos for questions we have ). Thanks.

Jeremy, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out some of leerburg's videos (some are free, some you may have to buy - but it is Worth it!)
-> The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog - Ed Frawley + Michael Ellis
-> Training a Competition Heeling dog - Ed Frawley + Michael Ellis
-> The Power of Training dogs With Food - Ed Frawley + Michael Ellis
Very good use of teaching to build drive and focus with food (Almost, using food as a Toy, and then later transitioning from Food to Toy.)

There are also video rental websites you could check out, it may be cheaper. I think Leerburg also has the videos in "Streaming" format vs. a hard-copy Dvd.
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Re: Training with food Video

In looking back and thinking a bit more I will say that one thing I feel about training with food.

I think many of us here now train/imprint with food but I've never done it with the food bowl in front of the dog.

TO ME there is always the possibility of that food bowl becoming a bribe.

I want the pup/dog to learn asap that it wont necessarily SEE the reward but it WILL learn that reward is always possible even when it becomes random once the dog truly understands the behavior.

I think the imprinting we do with reward based behaviors on puppies and dogs actually becomes ingrained/hardwired when done properly.

This is why it becomes possible for dogs to ignore what some would say for some dogs that have over the top drive.

Add that correction if needed but reward based training is forever imprinted on my 71 yr old mind....what's left of it.
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