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Education Materials & Tips for Raising a Working Pup
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Re: Education Materials & Tips for Raising a Working Pup

Hey Bob,

Originally Posted by Bob Scott View Post
Hey David, sorry to hear about your bully.
Thanks Bob. I know you went through that too not long ago too. It is never easy.

I'm a huge fan of Ellis and have also been to Shade Whitesel, Ivan and Flinks seminars.

Shade is an excellent trainer but the one big difference is she is more about capturing a behavior as opposed to luring the dog into that behavior.

Both are excellent and most probably use a bit of both.
Interesting distinction.

Ellis, IMO, is probably the best at explaining the how and why of what he's doing.
That is nice for instilling the mechanics and beliefs, instead of just mirroring.

Originally Posted by Bob Scott View Post
I've said it often that some people are naturals, some can learn it and some will forever remain clueless in spite of any "training" they attempt.
I think that is part of why I like Michael's training, indirectly. It kind of mirrors those naturals (to me, at least) because he knows and can explain the how's and why's so that it allows the handler to learn how to read the dog and know what to do because they are not just acting digitally, so to speak. I am just smart enough to have seen people screw up, have a pretty good idea what they were thinking and why they did it, and yet being able to read the dog just enough to know that what they were doing was misguided (dog was confused, was f'ing with them, dog was giving signs it thought the correction was unfair, or the handler THOUGHT they were correcting a behavior when they did not give the dog a chance to comply, etc., etc.).

I like that fluidity and more analogue ability to adjust in the moment as you read the dog, as well as the ability to learn what's going on in the dog's mind and how to best give them the ability to succeed, or provide proper correction/reinforcement based on what they are doing and where their head is at. A lot of this, other than just for fun and to satisfy my own curiosity, is to get my own foundation in place so I can be very fluid and on the same page as my dog(s) from day one.

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Re: Education Materials & Tips for Raising a Working Pup

Another plus would be for you to have someone tape what your doing.

Seeing your own mistakes can be a huge help.
The words of a fool offend only another fool!
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