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Thread: KNPV Lines
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Old 01-04-2017, 04:59 PM   #28 (permalink)
David Ruby
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Re: KNPV Lines

Just asking out of curiosity, do you (the collective "you," that is) see anything filling that void?

It seems if there is enough need (and thus enough money too), that something would fill the void left by a shortage of reliable KNPV line dogs. That could be via a new sport that would help test for certain types of dogs, or evolution of an old one, or people turning to Ring/SchH/PSA/whatever for their working dogs, or just a reliance on individual breeders who breed the kind of dog people want for police/K9, SAR, sport, PPD, whatever.

That is all just my musing, however. I know some breeders that I trust and have heard enough from to get a dog from if I were in the market. And yet, I am not really in the mix of things and my priorities/needs at the moment are different than most. It just seems if there is enough legitimate need, interest, and yes, money, that something like KNPV (or that would fill that niche) would arise. I think PSA and attempts at a sort of KNPV-USA have attempted that, yet never seemed to really take off.

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