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Old 12-26-2016, 12:47 AM   #14 (permalink)
rick smith
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Re: Personal Protection Trainer

you haven’t answered my other Q’s so i don’t expect this last one to be answered either, but i’ll continue my train of thought since there’s always a slim chance other new members might be reading this thread

you wrote : "After reading you answers I would like a dog that will alert me to any danger and behave like he will bite. “
…then later you gave a more specific example of 'walking in the woods at night'….

well, if I’M walking in those same woods, I wouldn’t know you and your dog, and that would make me a total stranger too.
but … when we came across each other, if your dog “alerted” and acted like it was gonna bite me, that would make YOU an IRRESPONSIBLE dog owner
- I detest owners who let their dog light up on people just because they come close to them because they think their dog is being “protective”
- If my dog every acted like that it would get a SWIFT and HARSH correction followed by my verbal apology to the stranger
- and of course “close” is a relative term, but i hope you catch my drift, and clearly that was what you were describing in your example

furthermore, It’s easy to say one can give their dog some sort of “watch” or “look” command and it will instantly become a PPD if needed. That’s just a lot of talk that you read all over the internet. in reality, it’s not that simple and i’m not gonna waste time pointing out the details of how this is NOT so simple to train.
- but it’s similar to the example of the “somebody” you quoted about the perfect PPD you would like to be (LOL)
- i’m not going to go into details of what was wrong about that quote, but I do know who the author was. The dog she described is unfortunately dead, but she also had another dog that would bite people in public and ‘solved' that problem … by muzzling that dog in public
…...She is CERTAINLY not a PPD trainer either. If you invite her to join this forum, she can speak for herself and defend that quote

Like i said in the beginning of this thread, if you could accomplish the three training goals i mentiond, you would have a nice dog and your training skills would improve VASTLY. I suggest you stop dreaming about making it a PPD until you have mastered these BASIC handling skills……regardless of what you consider the ‘perfect’ PPD

a ‘perfect' PPD is a dog that you can control 100% in ANY situation. It must be NON reactive in public, to the extent it almost appars social. It must be able to instantly switch gears and engage a human IF the handler is threatened. and by “engage”, i most definitely mean BITE and not let go until the owner/handler commands it to out. THAT is easy to say, but, the owner or handler must be the one to throw the switch, not the dog. I could give you a hundred scenarios of why this is required, but they are all hypothetical.
......and perfect dogs like the one described in the quote are like unicorns //LOL//

back to the real world…..
- what are the chances your life will be threatened by another human ? is meeting a stranger when you are out walking your dogs in the woods a potentially life threatening situation ? probably not do you need a PPD to walk in the woods ? probably not
- do you need common sense and situational awareness ?

do you have the control over your dog that is needed when you are out ? probably not

take my advice and DO IT and then post a video you can be proud of and I will be happy to eat my words //LOL//

walk before you run and improve your handling skills every day
find out what potential your dog has, and develop it to the max

that’s how i see it. yes, i could be wrong and maybe you need the services of a PPD trainer, but that doesn’t make my advice a waste of your time to try out
…..i only took the time to post this because it might make sense and help other's rare but every now and then it happens
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